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Genre : Oral (3)

Seikatsu Shuukan The Animation

OVA2 epsSeven

Alternative Titles: 性活週間 THE ANIMATION, A Week-long of Everyday Living

Shuntarou’s younger sisters – Ayaka, Chiaki and Fuyuno – are very mean to him, so he wishes he had a gentle older sister. Then some mysterious game makes him younger.

7.29 6,849

March 29, 2019

Seitokaichou Hikaru

OVA1 epsStudio Eromatick

Alternative Titles: Student Council President Hikaru

There is a school where students learn how to hunt monsters. Yuki, Seira and Hikaru finally defeat Varmus, a monster. But their battle doesn’t end yet…. A new enemy revives Varmus and Kotone, their teacher, is kidnapped by him. Following it, heroines are kidnapped one by one. His purpose is actually to make them give birth to monster babies…. (Source: ErogeShop)

6.23 1,675

April 23, 2010

Seme Chichi

OVA2 eps

Alternative Titles: せめちち
* Based on erotic manga by Erect Sawaru. Keith returns home to tell his father of his intention to be a painter, and discovers that the maid his father has hired is actually a prostitute his father shares with other men. What will he do when his father hires another maid for Keith and tries to induct his son into his carnal activities?

6.16 4,520

January 1, 1970