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Love x Holic: Miwaku no Otome to Hakudaku Kankei – The Animation

OVA2 epsSeven

Based on the erotic game by Atelier Kaguya Bare & Bunny. In a world where humans and demi-humans coexist, Taichi Amano has by accident drank some blood of Kuon Aoe, the most popular girl in the school. Drinking her blood changed his body to have a special constitution which awakens demi-humans. In exchange for protecting Taichi from whoever would target him, the Aoe house made him cooperate with awakening Kuon… (Source: VNDB)

7.16 2,532

November 29, 2019

Valkyrie Choukyou Semen Tank no Ikusa Otome 10-nin Shimai

OVA2 epsPoRO

Based on: “Valkyrie Chōkyō Semen Tank no Ikusa Otome 10-nin Shimai” (erotic game) by MBS Truth The Valkyrie are charged with maintaining peace between the realm of gods, the realm of humans and the realm of the dead. The peace has started to breakdown and one of the Valkyrie has been possessed by a vengeful force. (Source: ANN)

6.34 1,642

December 21, 2009

Kutsujoku 2 The Animation

OVA2 epsBreakBottle

Episode 1 It’s almost as if a demon awoke within him. The power he had in a previous life came back to him all at once. Now to get back at the girls who humiliated him the only way he knows how. Episode 2 After reawakening to his previous self and powers and having a taste of what his life once was, it’s time to test out his powers. What better way than to use them on one of his students who just so happens to look very similar to one of his favorite streamers. (Source: Hanime)

6.26 1,457

June 26, 2020


OVA2 epsT-Rex

Humiliation is a story about a young man that got his way into a presigeous elite academy. Though he is looked down upon by most, he has the ability to manipulate peoples minds and bodily functions. And he will use his power to get his way at all costs.

6.78 2,699

November 1, 2019

Namaiki: Kissuisou e Youkoso! The Animation

OVA1 epsG-Lam

Satoshi Ashifuji is a working student attending university under a scholarship. Somehow, he ends up with the custody of the dormitory Kissuisou, but its residents are all women with big problems! Furthermore, when fixing the dorm’s clock tower, a self-proclaimed Zashiki-warashi who calls herself Ibaraki appears, beckoning even more trouble. With all those currently residing emanating such ridiculously negative auras, if nothing changes within half a year some terrible misfortune would befall the dorm which would get demolished regardless of its condition. If that happens, with no place left to go, all that negativity would pile themselves onto Satoshi, paving a future life of hell for him. To avoid such a disaster, Satoshi decides to inject some positivity infused with Ibaraki’s powers into the lives of the residents. In other words, it doesn’t matter where they do it as long as he comes inside! In this way, the overly reckless ejaculation strategy with regards to the dorm’s residents Satoshi bet his life on commences. (Source: VNDB)

7.11 5,158

April 24, 2015

Joshi Luck!

OVA2 epsT-Rex

A guy by the name of Kuroda-sensei is given a job as the new coach/adviser of the girls lacrosse club in a all female school called Felinus Academy for Girls but… it turns out to be a bumpy ride as he encounters sex fiends among the squad, and his adventures begins as he attempts to gain their respect as adviser. (Source: MU)

7.09 4,779

September 6, 2019

Boku to Sensei to Tomodachi no Mama

OVA2 epsQueen Bee

Hentai “Boku To Sensey To Tomodachi No Mama” released on eponymous manga for authorship Otari Zero or MitaraiYuuki in July 2019. The manga was released in the journal “Mujin Comics / MUJINコミックス” in 2018. This is the title description of the tankobon, and it is not yet known exactly which part will be screened: The protagonist has long been sexually obsessed with a plump Mature woman. Her big ass and huge Tits drove him crazy. Every activity was like torture for his libido. So could not continue forever and the guy decided to break the unbearable routine cycle…

6.02 1,702

August 30, 2019

Love es M The Animation

OVA1 eps

A kind and reliable older sister, Mizushiro Ayaka. A younger childhood friend and now my girlfriend, Tsurutani Ayaka. While I’m happily getting along with the two, I wasn’t satisfied. That is because I have a hobby that I must keep hidden. I want to do S&M. I secretly buy tools for my personal use – stare at it, touch it. And then one day as I was expelling myself of my urges, I noticed that someone had entered my room and saw the secret. Let’s try setting a trap… I turn to see who discovered my secret. And so, our abnormal relationship began. Based on the erotic game by Noesis. (Source: Noesis)

6.36 1,271

May 30, 2014


OVA1 epsSchoolzone

Based on an adult game by Lune.

5.7 932

August 30, 2013

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